Yaya's Thai
9226 Potranco Rd.

Reviews of Yaya's Potranco

Celina Herrera

Yaya’s is our go-to place for noodles! We’ve tried nearly all of the noodles on their menu and each of them are delicious! The glass noodles are light, the vermicelli is always made perfectly, the lomein satisfies my picky eater and the pad Thai is authentic.

Boba Prepp

Marvelous food and excellent service. If you’re looking for a new Thai dining experience, this is the place. They have unique appetizers (The winter shrimp and Thai dumplings are outstanding), authentic dishes and reasonable pricing. You really can’t go wrong here.

Robert Tyler lll

Wonderful Thai food and outstanding service at affordable prices. Our favorite place to eat Pho and drink Jasmine tea; iced or hot!


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