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Reviews of Yaya's McCullough by Customer

Mary Mitchell

My daughter and I came here for lunch today and really enjoyed it. There were only two others in the restaurant so it was pretty quiet. Our server was really nice and I loved that she gave us the time we needed to look over the menu. Some servers rush you all the time so it was refreshing not having to do that. The thai tea was great and the food was very filling. My daughter ordered egg drop soup and spring rolls. The rolls are VERY big, not the normal small spring rolls you'd get anywhere else. She couldn't eat them all but said they were good. I ordered miso soup, lettuce wraps and Phuket sea. The Phuket sea came out sizzling on a plate so I had to wait for it to cool a bit but by then, I was full off the soup and wraps that I got it to go. I just finished it and it was great. Very different than any other Thai dishes I've tried, which was nice. It was a pleasant first experience.

Elizabeth Delgado

The green curry with vegetables and egg roll for lunch was awesome! I will be happy to return anytime!

Ray Cardenas

First time there and we r coming back. Food was excellent and service was five star

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